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Serviced residence for seniors

Why choose to retire in Morocco?

Among French, Belgian and Canadian retirees, many choose to settle in Morocco to retire. What can explain why a senior opts for a senior residence in Morocco?

The quality of life and the climate are of course the first attractive elements for our seniors who appreciate a low-stress life, the mild winters and the temperate summers of the Moroccan coasts. Proximity also favors this choice for French or Belgian retirees who may find themselves a three and a half hour flight from their country of origin if they choose their serviced residence in Agadir for example.

French nationals do not need to apply for a visa for a stay of less than 90 days. On the other hand, for retirees who wish to settle for longer or permanently, a resident card is required. Its validity period is one year, renewable. However, after 3 years of living in Morocco, they will be granted a residence permit for 10 years.

Concerning taxes, retirees must establish their tax domicile in Morocco and live there more than 183 days out of 365 to benefit from Moroccan taxation. If you permanently transfer your retirement pensions to an account in non-convertible dirhams, you are exempt up to 80%. Otherwise, a flat rate reduction of 55% on the gross amount of your pension is applied up to 168,000 dh and 40% beyond .

Finally, regarding the social security of French retirees in Morocco , a “ Franco-Moroccan Social Security Convention” allows you to keep your vital card and at the same time to be attached to Moroccan social security.

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